TIP OF THE WEEK: Blue painter tape is your friend. You can label something but also peels right off. I love it for the big Rubbermaid tubs, because I am always changing the contents of the tub.

TIP OF THE WEEK: If your home exit door is metal a large magnetic wreath hanger works very well to hang things on so you do not forget them when you leave. I use them to hang my reusable bags that need to be returned to the car, mail for the mail box, kids papers to be returned to school, Etc.


TIP OF THE WEEK: Keeping an entire cookbook for one recipe????
     Copy the recipe and start a 3 ring binder with recipe's in it.
     Using plastic sheet protectors each enables you to pull out just the
     recipe you need and protect the copy. Use tabbed dividers to organize the
     recipe type: apps/entree/dip/dessert/etc


TIP OF THE WEEK: Washcloth as napkins.  Having a outdoor gathering or BBQ? Use washcloths as napkins. If you pick them up at a dollar store they are in expensive.  They are eco friendly and less likely to get stained. If you get different colors each person will know which one is theirs.


TIP OF THE WEEK: It is OK to make lists. It is a way of cleaning space in your brian




TIP OF THE WEEK:  Parchment paper… I always have mine curl up and end up folding on to the cake. Take binder clips and clip the paper to the edge. NO curling.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Sort the silverware as it goes into the dishwasher. Pre-sorting will save time putting it back in the drawer.

TIP OF THE WEEK: If you have enough space put a small hamper in kitchen. It will catch all the kitchen towels, tablecloths, and even all those socks hanging out all over the living room floor.




TIP OF THE WEEK:  Plexiglass glass shelves... do you have tall closets that you can never figure out what's on the top shelf. Make the shelf Plexiglass and just look up. Guaranteed you will never loose anything again.




Not a morning person?!?! Can't find the right button on your alarm clock? Try this… Add a sticker or glue a bead on to the button you are always looking for. This way you can feel the button with out having to turn the light on.  I used a jewel sticker for mine.




Tired of your trash bags falling in the can? Stick Command Hooks on the outside of the can and loop the bag to the hooks.




TIP OF THE WEEK:  Look up!  There is so much space on your ceiling… Now I’m not suggesting you use every ceiling. How about the laundry room?  Hang a curtain rod on from the ceiling to dry snowsuits. If you hang it over the wash room sink it works for swim suits too.  How about the closets?  Put cup hooks in the pantry ceiling to hand all those cool baskets you have (saving precious shelf space)




TIP OF THE WEEK: Are you or the kids messy bakers?  Or do you just hate to clean up?  Put a dish towel or tablecloth down on the counter to catch spills. For clean up, just shake outside and throw in washer.

TIP OF THE WEEK:  to keep your shower doors/walls clean, take liquid Turtle Wax and coat the inside walls just as you would your car.  It will repel the water/dirt. It also works on the clear show doors.

TIP OF THE WEEK: set up 3 boxes in your house/garage. Label them Sell, donate, and give to a friend.  It's another way of getting stuff out of the house.

TIP OF THE WEEK:  take all those broken chips at the bottom of the bag and coat your next chicken dinner with them. No waste and the kids love baked chicken with crunchy potato chips.  It works with ANY type of chips, pretzels, or pita chips.




TIP OF THE WEEK:  Tired of hand cramps with the trigger shower cleaner? I picked up a plant sprayer ($14.00 at hardware store) and filled it with my shower cleaner.  Now you can just spray on the cleaner.  Fast and easy!



Tip of the week... Do you have little workout stuff laying around??? Take them and spread them throughout the house. Bedroom, back door, living room, etc. Every time you pass them do 10 reps of one exercise. It will take you 10 seconds and those seconds will add up. No work out clothing or showers needed.




Don't forget to put a plastic bag under the tree stand to protect your floors and carpet. It also, makes it easier to slide the tree into the correct spot. And it's easily cover by the tree shirt.